KWETU is swahili and means "welcome to us" at all levels - physical, social, emotional, spritual and mental

"Our work Improving living conditions of vulnerable people"

KWETU Connectors is a non-profit organisation with the purpose of developing project ideas directed towards improving the living conditions of vulnerable persons, in particular those living with HIV/AIDS, in Rwanda and Uganda.

We seek funding of those projects expected to lead to the best viability and end effects and we work in close cooperation with local partner organisations on them.


The KWETU Working Model

We ensure and strengthen health as a basic need for vulnerable persons to be able to move on, earn their own income and gain self-esteem.

Thus, we work with local stakeholders simultaneously within 3 strategic pillars:

  • Investment in Health
  • Empowerment - from aid to trade
  • Capacity Building - Sustainable economic & social business


We have, together with a local partner in Kigali, Rwanda, ANSP+ given people access to good health care and support in earning their own incomes so that they can pay their health insurance and feel that they participate in the society. 4 self-help groups have grown to form role models for profitable, working cooperatives throughout Nyagatare district.


Ongoing projects

KWETU, together with Pharmacists without Borders, Sweden (FuG) is at present running “Follow the Trucks”, a cross-border project in two towns lying on the main East African highway. Our local partners in Rwanda, ANSP+ and, in Uganda, OCE, have determined that one common denominator for transmission of HIV in both countries is the truck drivers and the prostitutes, both men and women, that they meet. These groups have a considerably higher HIV prevalence than the general population.


Two prestudies, one in Rwanda and one in Uganda, are planned for 2019 and funding has been applied for.

KWETU´s strategic pillars

  • Investment in Health
  • Empowerment - from aid to trade
  • Sustainable economic & social business – Capacity building